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Windows XP arrives to Android


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XP Mod Launcher is a very simple app that changes the look of your Android device into the classic Windows XP interface and includes some of the basic features of the Microsoft operating system.

This means that you can explore all your files as you would in Windows XP, accessing the My Documents folders, the SD memory card, and the system memory. You can also copy, paste, crop, and delete any type of files without any problem.

You can quit the application and go back to the normal Android interface whenever you want. To do so, click on the Start menu, then click Turn Off. You'll go back into the traditional Android interface. You can also do this by just pressing your device's home button.

Still, not everything in XP Mod Launcher is perfect. Even though you can open folders full of images or videos, when you open the actual files you'll automatically go into the corresponding app on your device, going out of the XP Mod Launcher. The same thing will happen when you click on Internet Explorer for direct access.

XP Mod Launcher is one of the best interface changers that you can apply to your Android today. It has all the charm of Windows XP, and it does it well, offering some of the features you miss most.
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